Medical tourism

Medical tourism is not an empty word anymore, it is an industry growing worldwide, as much as 20% a year, bringing billons of satisfied patients.

Polish doctors, as skilled professionals, are more and more recognized and respected for their work in medical centers and dental clinics abroad. Many of our surgeons are on the UK General Medical Council’s register and have worked in British, American and German hospitals. So why shouldn’t they be able to provide a secure treatment for patients from abroad here, in Poland? Since the beginning of our activity our experienced specialist medical personnel have been implementing the most modern and verified methods of procedures and surgical materials. Together with the commitment of the whole team it brings remarkable results. Therefore, we are sure that our centre presents a reasonable option for patients who have to wait a long time for knee surgery or cataract surgery in a home country or pay the money they can hardly afford, going private.

Medical tourism has become your chance now!

How much can you save deciding on treatment abroad? Prices for surgery in Dom Lekarski can be 50 % to 80 % lower than for corresponding treatment in the UK, for example: Orthopaedic surgery - mainly shoulder, knee and hip surgery: Arthroscopy 75 %, ACL 63 %, Total knee or hip replacement 53 %; Eye surgery: Cataract removal 70 %; Hand surgery: Carpal tunnel release 68 %; Plastic surgery: Breast enlargement 75 %, Nose reconstruction 70 %, Dental treatment: Porcelain crown 63 %, Full denture 80 %.

You don’t have to worry that your treatment’s savings in our clinic will be whittled away by the costs of transport. There are many low-fare airlines to our city Szczecin or to Berlin, which is only two hour drive away.

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